Alec Baldwin has caused quite the Hollywood disturbance with his newly released autobiography 'Nevertheless', in which he claims that producers of 2006 movie 'Mini's First Time' lied to him about the age of lead actress Nikki Reed with whom he engaged in an onscreen romance.

Alec Baldwin at 'The Boss Baby' premiereAlec Baldwin at 'The Boss Baby' premiere

The 'Saturday Night Live' actor has said in his new memoir, released on Tuesday (April 4th 2017), that he was left in the dark about the fact that Nikki Reed was a minor at the time of shooting the movie, claiming that he was only told after the shoot at which point he angrily addressed the matter with the producers who were Dana Brunetti, Kevin Spacey and Evan Astrowsky.

'A Total Lie'

However, Brunetti has said flat out in statement to The Hollywood Reporter and on Twitter that this is a total lie - a response that has been supported by both Astrowsky and the film's director Nick Guthe. He went on to compare Baldwin to his popular 'SNL' Donald Trump guise.

'Of course he totally knew how old she was', Brunetti told THR. 'That's why there's no nudity in the movie. He knew before we even cast the movie. I think he's been method acting Trump too much and he doesn't know the difference between fake news anymore.'

It doesn't help Alec Baldwin's case that the statement was rife with inaccuracies anyway. Nikki Reed was actually 16 at the time of the shooting and he was actually 46, unlike what he actually wrote. 'I was forty-seven, and it never occurred to me to ask how old Nikki Reed was', Alec said in the book. 'When I found out, just as we finished, that she was seventeen, I flipped out on the producers, who had told me something different.'

It's not just the fact that Alec lied about the situation in his book that has angered Brunetti, it's what he feels is a deliberate attempt to make the producers look disreputable. 'If he had just said, 'I didn't know her age,' I would have thought, 'He's a liar,' and let it go', Brunetti adds. 'But when he blamed the producers, I couldn't let it go. It [makes us look like] we did something unethical or shady or hid something.'

Astrowsky corroborated Brunetti's statements and added that the fact that Nikki's character was a sophomore in high school should have been enough of a clue to her age. Plus, he didn't recall any kind of heated exchange between themselves and Baldwin as he claimed.

As for Nick Guthe, he insisted they had all had a meeting with her to make sure that she was prepared for the role given her diminutive years, and even remembers reminding Baldwin of her age several times. 'On the set, Nikki, being 16, would often speak quickly the way teenagers do, and Alec asked me about that at times because he had trouble understanding her, and I would remind him, 'She's 16'', he said.

The Twitter Spat

Later, the discussion went to Twitter resulting in quite the vicious argument. 'My first indie film was Mini's starring Alec Baldwin who knew Nikki Reed was 16 (not 17) and he didn't mind', Brunetti said. 'In fact Nikki Reed was 1 of 4 actresses Alec Baldwin had approved and her being the only 1 of those 4 repped by HIS own agency CAA. The only time Alec Baldwin ever yelled at me was on the phone and it was about one of the producers who worked with the financier.'

'And Hollywood producers like Brunetti never do anything shady or unethical?' Baldwin replied.

'Name something I've done shady or unethical, Alec', Brunetti hit back. 'You lied, face it, admit it and move on. I'm not afraid of bullies like you.' Baldwin went on to insist that Brunetti produce a 'release form' that SAG rules state is needed for 'scenes involving physical contact with minors' and added that he was told Nikki's age by her hairdresser at the end of the shoot.

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'You're a fool. She just came off a movie called 13!! Do I need to bring in the other crew to vouch that you knew??' Said Brunetti, referencing Nikki Reed's first movie which was released in 2003 and shot while she was 13-years-old.

Both Nikki Reed nor Kevin Spacey are yet to comment on the situation.