Alec Baldwin lost his temper with members of the paparazzi on Thursday (14Nov13), hours after a woman was convicted and jailed for stalking him.

The former 30 Rock star was making his way to a waiting car after leaving his New York apartment with his wife Hilaria and baby daughter Carmen when he spotted photographers.

Lashing out at one snapper, he shouted, "Get away from my wife and the baby with the camera!"

Video footage of the run-in, which features Baldwin chasing after the cameraman as a female voice, believed to be that of his wife, can be heard calling, "Alec, let it go!", has appeared on

The actor returned to his car, but paused as he caught sight of a videographer and yelled, "Keep away from my kid with the camera! You know what's gonna happen to you, don't you?"

He then appeared to utter a homophobic slur.

The incident occurred shortly after French Canadian actress Genevieve Sabourin was convicted on five counts of harassment and stalking, and sentenced to 210 days in jail.

Baldwin is no stranger to run-ins with the paparazzi - he was involved in an altercation with a shutterbug in August (13), while he was accused of hitting another Big Apple photographer in 2012. He has also landed in trouble with critics in the past for his bad language after launching into a homophobic rant against a Daily Mail journalist, who claimed his wife had been using during James Gandolfini's funeral in June (13). He subsequently apologised for his choice of words and temporarily deactivated his Twitter account.