Alec Baldwin's week of joy, happiness and goodwill to all men continues. Yesterday (Friday 15th November), Baldwin managed to clock up three separate confrontations with the press. This latest incident, in which he accused a female photographer of assaulting his wife and hit a photographer's car with his own, is one of many this week.

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin has apologised for his use of language.

The spotlight has been on Baldwin following his stalker, Genevieve Sabourin's trial and has the pressure of constant media attention is evidently affecting Baldwin - perhaps more than usual. Although the 30 Rock actor is not renowned for his calm and collected nature, this week seems to have been one of Baldwin's most aggressive. On Thursday (14th November) Baldwin allegedly used a homophobic slur; he has since denied it on his Twitter feed. The comments, recorded by The Huffington Post, state that Baldwin did not use the word 'faggot' but 'fathead.'

Baldwin goes after one reporter; a female who Hilaria Baldwin claimed had hit her in the face. Hilaria doesn't fight her own battles and informed, as Fox5 video footage collaborates, her irate husband that a female journalist had "hit her in the face." Baldwin angrily addresses the reporter, squaring up to her and saying "Are you the one who hit my wife in the face with a microphone?" The reporter calmly responds, denying the accusation and claiming she did "nothing wrong." Baldwin retorts, speaking over the woman, with "You want to apologise?" When the female reporter refuses, Baldwin shouts "Get the f**k out of here," and storms off into his car. 

Baldwin gets in the car, but not for long, as he jumps out again and tells the two police officers that the journalist "assaulted" his wife. The police promise to get the details and usher Baldwin back into his vehicle. Baldwin drives off but, unfortunately, his exit is marred as he hits a parked vehicle as he is pulling on to the road. The car belongs to a photographer who offers to move the car forward. 

Baldwin, despite hitting the man's parked car, manages to swear profusely before telling the man to send him the bill. He turns to an awaiting camera, as captured by TMZ, and ensures his words were heard. He then drives off without a backward glance as a small white dog calmly looks on from the passenger seat. 

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin
Hilaria Baldwin claimed a photographer hit her in the face with a mircophone.