Alec Baldwin's upcoming trial in the 'Rust' shooting has been cancelled.

The 65-year-old actor has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in connection with the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins - who was fatally shot on the set of the movie in October 2021 - and was due to go to court on 6 August.

However, on Tuesday (06.02.24), a judge reassignment took place, which triggered the First Judicial District Court to cancel the jury selection date on 6 August, cancelling the trial date, 'Entertainment Tonight' reports.

The former '30 Rock' star entered a not guilty plea last week and though he is free without bail, New Mexico Judge T Glenn Ellington laid out conditions he must abide by.

Under the terms of release, he cannot possess firearms or drink alcohol, and is not to have contact with witnesses in the case, except for business reasons related to the release of ‘Rust’.

The judge’s statement said: “Defendant is permitted to have contact with potential witnesses only in the capacity laid out herein: In connection with the ‘Rust’ movie and other related and unrelated business matters: provided, however, that Defendant is not permitted to discuss the accident at issue, or the substance of his or the witness’s potential testimony in this case.

“‘Related business matters’ is designed to capture promoting the movie and other similar activities.

“‘Unrelated business matters’ is designed to capture other business relationships between Baldwin and any of the witnesses.

“The Defendant is permitted to continue to utilise Matthew DelPiano as his agent.

“Discussion about the incident is permitted with the witnesses who are named as civil co-¬defendants only so long as such conversations are held exclusively in the presence of attorneys for civil litigation purposes.”

Alec has also been ordered not to “directly or indirectly solicit witnesses or members of the cast and crew to participate in the documentary with Moxie films or to obtain statements regarding safety on the ‘Rust’ set outside of standard investigative procedures.”

This is the second time the 'Boss Baby' star has been charged in relation to 42-year-old Halyna’s death, after the initial charges were dropped in April 2023.

Prosecutors filed new charges after obtaining evidence based on more forensic testing done on the weapon, and Alec faces up to 18 months jail time if he’s found guilty.

The film’s director Joel Souza, 50, was also shot in the shoulder by the same bullet that killed Halyna.

Alec has maintained that he did not pull the trigger, but testing ordered by special prosecutors concluded the Colt. 45 could have only been fired by the pull of the trigger.

Alec’s lawyers are likely to challenge the conclusion, and have noted that the gun was broken during earlier test firing at an FBI lab.