Alec Baldwin has been slammed by the NYPD Hispanic Society after he was caught riding his bicycle the wrong way down a road and threw a tantrum. The actor and TV star was stopped by two female Latin American police officers on Tuesday but was arrested and issues two summonses after he allegedly became aggressive.

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin Has Been Lambasted By Representatives From The NYPD For His Boorish Behaviour.

According to reports, Baldwin flew into a rage when the cops asked to see his ID, which he didn't have on him at the time, and was therefore taken into custody. "Police stated that he got belligerent and started arguing with them and using profanity," Deputy Chief Kim Y. Royster explained.

"Shame on Mr. Baldwin for not having his ID. Does he expect special privilege because he's an actor?" said Det. Dennis Gonzalez, head of the force's Hispanic society. "Mr. Baldwin stated the last time he was leaving the city because of the paparazzi. Maybe if he left this never would have happened," he observed, via NY Daily News.

Alec Baldwin Authors Night
The Actor Was Taken Into Custody After He Became Aggressive Towards Cops.

Baldwin took to Twitter to vent his rage not long after the incident, posting one of the officer's badge numbers and criticising Rosario Montero, who was one of the two that arrested him. "My only point is that claims by (Montero) of disorderly conduct are either a distortion or outright lie. (Montero) lied in her report," he tweeted.

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Leaping to the defence of his colleague, who has been with the force since 2006, Det. Gonzalez hit back at Baldwin's allegations, stating "Officer Rosario Montero conducted herself in a professional manner. She should not have to tolerate verbal abuse from Mr. Baldwin."

Alec Baldwin Orphans Curtain Call
The Actor Has Gained A Reputation For Being Hot-Headed In Public.

New York's Mayor de Blasio, who has been supported by Baldwin from early on, said that Tuesday's incident was "unfortunate." When asked about the 30 Rock star on Wednesday, the mayor was curt, saying "I think it's unfortunate. I respect him, I think he has said some important and thoughtful things about this city over the years, but this is an unfortunate situation.

"It's self-evident what happened and now we move on," the mayor added.

Baldwin's reps initially played down the incident, stating "Alec was not arrested and not charged with a crime. He received a summons relating to riding his bicycle the wrong way and not having identification." However, the actor has gained a reputation for his hot-headed public confrontations, which are usually directed towards photographers and have resulted in violence on several occasions.

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