After an eventful hearing earlier in the week, this Thursday Canadian actress Genevieve Sabourin was sentenced to six months in prison for stalking Alec Baldwin. According to the Associated Press, Sabourin’s six-month sentence was added to the thirty days the she was given earlier for contempt of court for repeatedly interrupting the trial and yelling.

Genevieve Sabourin, Manhattan Court
Sabourin's six month sentence was added on to the original 30 days she got for contempt of court.

Sabourin continued with this behavior after she received her sentence. "I haven't done anything wrong. I'm innocent," Sabourin told Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Robert Mandelbaun, according to the AP. "You're doing a mistake right now."

Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria, who testified during the trial to having been harassed by Sabourin, explained after the trial that she and her husband felt “safe, relieved and happy to move forward.”

Alec Baldwin, Seduced And Abandoned New York Premiere
Baldwin recounted how his life had turned into a "horror movie."

The trial and the entire story reportedly caused the family a lot of distress, so much so that Alec Baldwin reportedly cried on the stand as he recalled how Sabourin had begun contacting him and showing up at his home, effectively turning his life into a “horror movie.”

According to Baldwin’s testimony, his relationship with Sabourin boiled down to their introduction in two thousand, a dinner with her ten years later and then a few friendly emails, intended to help the woman with her acting career as a favor from Baldwin to a mutual friend. Sabourin, however, painted an entirely different picture, insisting that the two had been carrying on an affair for several years. When Baldwin took the stand, Sabourin refused to stay quiet and repeatedly heckled the actor. However, Baldwin was backed by his wife, Hilaria, whom he married in 2012. The couple recently had their first child.

Akec Baldwin, Hilaria Baldwin, Seduced and Abandoned Premiere
Baldwin was backed in his testimony against Sabourin by his wife Hilaria.