Alec Baldwin may have just become a Dad, but that doesn't mean he's cooled his temper much since the birth of his new daughter. The actor was spotted in New York City by a paparazzo who immediately began snapping Alec and asking him about his new child, but the snapper apparently got too close for comfort and ended up facing the wrath of Baldwin.

Alec Baldwin
Baldwin has been involved in paparazzi bust-ups in the past

As first reported by TMZ, Baldwin and the photographer grappled in broad daylight on the streets of NYC. According to Baldwin's people, it was the photographer who was the aggressor in the situation, however the photographer told TMZ (he isn't a TMZ employee) that he was doing nothing to provoke Baldwin other than doing his job and Alec was the one who turned things nasty. He told the site, "All I can say is I was doing my job asking him normal questions and he flipped. That's all."

The pap says that he then phoned the cops, who arrived promptly on the scene to sort out the fracas, which ended in both parties escaping without punishment. A rep for the NYPD revealed that the responding officers spoke with both Alec and the photographer, with both admitting to pushing and shoving each other during the altercation, however it is still unclear who started the whole thing. By the end of questioning, both parties decided to walk away from the scene without pressing charges.

Alec Baldwin baby arrival
Alec arrives home with his new baby daughter earlier this week

According to Alec's people, he was walking through the city with his wife, Hilaria, when the pap began chasing her down and badgering her with questions, even though she only gave birth less than a week ago (their daughter Carmen Gabriela was born August 23). The photographer allegedly chased her into a nearby tea store, at which point he and Alec began brawling on the streets. Alec also called the police over the incident.

Alec & Hilaria Baldwin
Alec & Hilaria Baldwin became parents over the weekend