Alec Baldwin will host his own late night talkshow on channel MSNBC starting from October. If that's not enough time for you to get to grips with the idea of the 30 Rock actor beaming into homes next month then here's the low-down: Up Late With Alec Baldwin will feature the actor's take on current events and arts and culture, reports Parade.

Alec Baldwin
Prepare To Be Seeing A Lot More Of Baldwin From October.

Baldwin's show will be a fresh new direction for MSNBC's Friday night programming, with only docuseries such as Locked Up showing at the moment. With Lawrence O'Donnell hosting the 10-11pm slot on a Monday to Thursaday, there was a welcome space to fit in a new talkshow on a Friday night.

"He's got such passion for ideas and what's going on in the world - he's going to be a great addition to our line-up," said Phil Griffin, MSNBC's president, in a prepared statement. "I've been talking with Alec for a while and can't wait to bring his personality and eclectic interests to MSNBC," he said.

Alec Baldwin Hilaria Thomas
Alec Baldwin With His Wife Hilaria Thomas.

Baldwin's hosting experience will come from the arts and culture podcast he currently runs on WNYC Radio, having interviewed stars such as Lena Dunham, Michael Douglas and David Letterman. Speaking ahead of his television show's launch, Baldwin spoke of the anticipation he was feeling towards his new project: "After two seasons of my WNYC podcast, I've developed a fondness for hosting a show that involved talking with smart, talented, and engaging people in every imaginable field," Baldwin said. "I'm grateful to MSNBC for helping me bring a similar show to television."

Alec Baldwin Talkshow
Alec Baldwin's Outspoken Ways Should Serve Him Well Hosting His Own Talkshow.

As a talkshow host, Baldwin will be expected to be outspoken on current issues making headlines but this shouldn't be a problem for the 55 year-old who, in 2005, refused to turn off his phone during a flight's take-off because he was playing Words With Friends. However, the star of gangster movie The Cooler has admitted that being a loud-mouth on topical events can impact upon a showbiz career: "When you do speak out, it does cost you," he added. "The most successful film stars today are the ones you virtually don't know anything about. I wished I did that myself to some degree."

With a release date still to be announced, Up Late With Alec Baldwin will air from 10 p.m,. to 11 p.m. Eastern.