Alec Baldwin has hinted he is ready to leave NBC after the network's 'Today' show news-crew camped outside his home to cover a story about his stalker Genevieve Sabourin. The actor said he felt ambushed by Today show reporters after they arrived outside his Manhattan apartment.
Baldwin, 54, got a shock earlier in the week when he learned that his stalker, the aspiring actress Sabourin, turned up at his apartment. Luckily, the actor nor his fiancee Hilaria Thomas were home at the time, but the incident left the pair shaken. The story gained a huge amount of media interest, though it appears some networks went too far. Speaking on Twitter, Baldwin noted, "A story about stalking sure brings out the stalkers in the media.But, the Today Show?". Alec later aired his disgust that the Today show were "alongside the other stalkers from the tabloid press" and became concerned that "no one from Nbc contacted me", crucially concluding, "I think I'm leaving Nbc just in time". An insider from the Today show has defended the reporters' actions, telling that they were simply shooting a segment outside Baldwin's place and happened to ask the actor for comment, "as any reporter would".
As expected, Baldwin's remark about leaving Nbc has left many fans to deduce that he is ready to walk away from his role on 30 Rock.