You know all those jobs Alec Baldwin reportedly has on the cards? Well, don’t get too excited about seeing him on NBC’s Last Call or as a replacement for Jimmy Fallon late at night, because neither is happening.

Yep, there’s been plenty of rumors that both Carson Daly and Jimmy Fallon are on their way, to be replaced by the 30 Rock star who, since that show has finished, has plenty of times on his hands that he could be filling new roles. Daly and Fallon’s won’t be among them, though, with The Los Angeles Times reporting that NBC will instead give its long running host a 13th season of Last Call and Perez Hilton confirming that talks have never taken place with Baldwin about replacing Jimmy Fallon.

There are plenty of opinions flying around that suggest Daly had his nose put out of joint somewhat by the rumors of his potential replacement by Baldwin, and that the move by NBC to renew his show is somewhat of an effort to smooth things over with the talk show veteran. Lest we forget, too, that Daly currently host’s NBC’s The Voice, the only show that’s a hit on US TV on their network at the moment – so they could do with keeping him sweet. As for Fallon, a source told Perez Hilton "His name was mentioned as a possibility, but there were never any negotiations." So that’s that then.

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin won't be replacing either Carson Daly or Jimmy Fallon