LATEST: Movie star Alec Baldwin is laughing off reports he's dating a double of his ex-wife Kim Basinger because his new love is a half-Chinese brunette.

London-based interior designer ANNA ROTHSCHILD has been telling pals she's dating the 49-year-old actor, but he insists his new girl is young wannabe lawyer NICOLE SEIDEL, 25.

Baldwin met Seidel in a New York restaurant after he spotted her reading in a corner. He chatted to her, slipped her his telephone number and now the pair are an item.

He says, "She's very beautiful and very smart."

But Seidel will never become MRS BALDWIN, because her movie star boyfriend has no plans to wed again.

He adds, "I would almost want to have my hand stuck in a wood chipper more than be married again. When it comes apart, it's just too painful."

24/10/2003 09:14