In a story that gets increasingly unpleasant by the minute, Alec Baldwin has unleashed a torrent of abuse at a MailOnline writer, who claimed that Baldwin’s pregnant wife Hilaria was tweeting during James Gandolfini’s funeral. For a story that began with three tweets about anniversary gifts, this certainly justifies the phrase “That escalated quickly.”

Alec Baldwin, The Unavoidable Disappearance of Tom Durnin
Baldwin immediately leapt to his wife's defense.

This past Thursday evening (UK time) George Stark posted a story about Hilaria Baldwin, which claimed the yoga instructor was had been posting upbeat tweets during the service for the late James Gandolfini earlier that date. The article compared the time stamps of the tweets with the times of the service. However, according to Baldwin and her husband, the confusion was all due to a timezone mixup – i.e. the tweets could have been posted before or after the service and just bear the wrong time stamp.

Alec Baldwin, Cannes Film Festival
Perhaps not in the best way, though.

Here’s where this story gets fifty shades of terrible for everyone involved. While Hilaria defended herself by explaining the alleged time stamp debacle, Alec Baldwin simply went into attack mode, unleashing a torrent of abuse at the reporter. The tweets range from the relatively mild “My wife DID NOT use her phone, in any capacity, during our friend’s funeral. Now f*** this twitter + good luck to you all who know the truth,” to some increasingly unpleasant homophobic slurs, bordering on threats, directed at the reporter. Baldwin has since deleted the Twitter – the previous quote was his final post, however the entire rant is captured in screenshots on the MailOnline website. The website has now reportedly filed a query with Twitter to find out the exact time the tweets were posted, while Hilaria Baldwin has attempted to conclude the situation in some way, by (can you guess) posting several tweets on the matter. Thus concludes (hopefully) another episode of “the internet is completely insane”.

Alec Baldwin, Cannes Film Festival
All of this went down within the space of a day.