Alesha Dixon, Interview

29 October 2008

Alesha Dixon - Interview

Alesha Dixon - Interview

Alesha Dixon Interview

Alesha Dixon triumphed nearly a year ago not only by winning Strictly Come Dancing but the nations hearts. Now, completely focused on her music, she hopes to entertain us again with her new album The Alesha Show.

You recently turned 30, was it scary or liberating?
It was liberating. I thought it was going to be scary, but on reflection if things weren't going good it might have been. I'm in a good place right now so I can embrace it. I celebrated over dinner with my girlfriends and then we went to the overrated Bungalow 8. They wouldn't even let us take pictures in there! But we did have a great night despite their snobbery.

Tell us about your new album The Alesha Show, from recent events you must have had much inspiration. Will most of the songs be reflective?
I have tried to have a mixture with reflective and upbeat songs. There are songs which reflect where I am now - with life being good and I also have songs that talk about things that are more deep and personal to me.

You will leave enough juicy stuff for your tell-all autobiography, right?
I have changed my mind on the book, I've chickened out. When I started writing the book I went to two publishing houses that were interested in putting the book out and then it suddenly hit me of what I was doing. Although I am in this industry I am not quite comfortably about giving everything away. To write a book honestly, other people are going to be involved whether it's past relationships, whether it's family, whether it is my friends. And I am not quite sure I could do that to other people. Putting my heart and soul onto paper in this way. With all that said, I haven't ruled it out completely.

What are the highlight songs off the album?
'Breathe Slow' I think the ladies will enjoy as it's about how you can easily lose your rag about a situation but the strongest thing you can do is to just be cool. Also 'Chasing Ghosts' written with Steve Booker who wrote Duffy's 'Mercy', which is about me being wary of Celebrityville and how the fame thing really isn't the most important aspect in my life.

Since appearing on Strictly Come Dancing your fan base has probably expanded to pensioners, have you taken that into consideration with the album?
Yes. Obviously in Mis-Teeq it was specifically Garage, Pop, R&B and I believed that appealed to a certain niche of people. By doing the show I didn't want it to dictated what I did with this project but I had to be aware that the audience and demographic was totally different, so my approach is more mainstream. Plus I did want to move away from what I had done with Mis-Teeq because I associated that with an era gone passed, and this is a new time.

Who musically are you enjoying now?
I still listen to my reggae every day. However recently the album I have had on repeat has been Adele's 19. Her voice just gets me, she is genius. Since the years have gone on and of course by doing Strictly my musical tastes have boarded, so sometimes I will be driving home and tune my radio onto Classic FM or Jazz FM.

You've previously stated that you are a believer of karma - did you give karma a knowing nod after the reports of Harvey (ex husband) taking a knife to Javine's throat?
I really don't have a comment on that. You see, with that whole situation everything that I could have possibly said or was willing to discuss I have said.

Understandable. So any other projects you are working on?
I'm just concentrating on the album. I was thinking about doing another documentary, but I don't like to do things by halves so I am going to wait. My main goal is to tour - that would be brilliant.

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