Alessia Cara started taking care of her skin after going through ''a really rough period emotionally''.

The 24-year-old singer has admitted she ''never really used'' to bother with a skincare routine, but after enduring some tough times, she looked for ways to practice self-care and discovered the importance of ''caring for your body''.

She told Vogue magazine's 'Beauty Secrets' series: ''I never really used to take care of my skin. I think I started really caring about it around three years ago.

''I was going through a really rough period emotionally and I was trying to look for ways to practice self-care and so I started getting into skin care and realising how important it is to just take care of yourself and how actually cathartic it can be to just sit in front of a mirror and just care for your body.''

The 'Stay' singer ran through her beauty routine in the video, and said she likes to use products that help make her skin ''glow-y'', including a concoction of different oil based products.

She added: ''I love making my skin just look as glow-y and wet as possible.''

When it comes to wearing makeup, Alessia prefers to keep it simple, and says she sees makeup as an ''art form''.

The singer claims people told her she ''couldn't be a pop star'' because she didn't wear ''elaborate outfits and tons of makeup'', so now makes a point of keeping things simple to prove them wrong.

She explained: ''People always told me that I couldn't be a pop star because I didn't have the 'It' factor because I didn't wear elaborate outfits and tons of makeup, so I wanted to tell the world that I can be up on that stage and look how I want to look and it's okay.

''People have labeled me as someone who is anti-makeup, and that's not true. I just feel like makeup should be used as an art form and as something to accentuate parts of yourself that you like and make yourself feel good, but I don't think it should cover up those things. I don't think you should need it. That's the difference. I think you should want to do it because it's fun.''