Franz Ferdinand star Alex Kapranos collapsed backstage at the weekend.

The 41-year-old singer was knocked out for an hour following a major allergic reaction to peanuts at a music festival in Budapest, Hungary, after he consumed a tiny amount of the nut, thought to be in a rice dish.

The Cribs singer, Ryan Jarman, broke the news to fans after performing on the stage at 6pm, asking them to support his pal, Alex, while he lay ''on his death bed backstage following a peanut incident''.

A spokesman from the festival confirmed that medical staff rushed to the aid of the star and gave him two injections to help ease the affects of the allergy.

Despite the peanut drama, the band made it on stage at their allotted time of 7:30pm where Alex - who appeared to be in good health - led the indie group - also made up of Nick McCarthy, Robert Hardy and Paul Thomson - through the set, which began with their recent single 'Right Action'.

The 'Take Me Out' hitmakers have been working on their fourth album, 'Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action' - which is set for release later this month - and they hoping their upcoming collection will master the partnership of Greek mythology and catchy sounds for fans to sing along to.

Alex said previously: ''There's lots of different things in one song, never mind across a whole album.

''For me, the best kind of music is music I can get an instant buzz from, I listen to it and makes me feel f***ing good, or maybe it's dark and melancholic, but I still feel some kind of immediate buzz from plugging into somebody's humanity. It's got to have that, and that can be all you get from it. But for me, I want there to be a little bit more.