Alex and Sierra PicAlex and Sierra will be releasing their debut full-length on October 4

Can a third time be the charm when it comes to Alex and Sierra? They’ve definitely got the personnel to succeed. The duo’s debut full-length, It’s About Us, is set for release on October 4, and judging by the songs released thus far, it’s looking like their early struggles may have just had to do with their single. Even though ‘Scarecrowe’ was co-written by hit maker and Boys Like Girls frontman Martin Johnson (Jason DeRulo’s ‘The Other Side,’ Daughtry’s ‘Waiting For Superman’), it didn’t have the sound that falls in line with the current Mainstream/Top 40 radio. Other album tracks, like the unapologetic pop jam, ‘Just Kids,’ could flourish a lot better, and it probably should have been their first single.

‘Little Do You Know’ and ‘Bumper Cars’ have also made their way onto iTunes, and both are somber mid-tempo ballads - a formula that fits the duo very well. When it comes to the rest of the collaborators on It’s About Us, Alex and Sierra have been in the studio with the likes of John Legend and One Direction’s Harry Styles to craft some cuts for the record. "Our favorite song is one that Harry Styles wrote with John Legend, it's beautiful and lovely,” Deaton told The Daily Mirror about the track.

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It hasn’t been an instant ride to the top for Alex and Sierra, but their lack of early success doesn’t mean the two are doomed. The songs they have out now are excellent, and they aren’t relying on a gimmick to make them popular. Currently, they’re on tour with Colbie Caillat and have played shows recently with Train and Lady Antebellum, and playing in front of thousands every night is only going to help their cause. Whether It’s About Us is going to find success or not, they’re talented enough and have the best writers and producers around - so it’s only a matter of time before Alex and Sierra become a staple in the industry.