The actor-turned-director, who is a huge Zappa fan, was given access to the family's vaults earlier this year (15) when the late musician's widow, Gail, agreed he should be the person to put her late husband's life on film.

Speaking to WENN at the premiere of concert film Roxy: The Movie on Wednesday (14Oct15), Winter confessed he has a huge task ahead of him as there is hours upon hours of unseen Zappa footage available for him to use.

"It is massive, but you construct a structure and then you look for gold and then the gold tells you where to go," he says.

"You have parameters; we're only making a two-hour movie, maybe a four-hour movie... We'll run out of money eventually if we keep going. But the footage always talks to you; it prioritises itself.

"I'm not trying to tell every single anecdotal scrap of story. There's no way - you couldn't do a 40-hour mini-series and do that."

Meanwhile, new footage is always coming in - Zappa's son Ahmet, who now runs the Zappa Family Trust following the death of his mother earlier this month (Oct15), reveals he has acquired film of his dad jamming with Eric Clapton in 1967 - and he was blown away by the quality of the footage.

He says, "It's bonkers. It's crazy."