Alexa Chung felt like an “ex-husband” had called when Mulberry asked her to design a new bag.

The 37-year-old star was the inspiration for the fashion house’s 2010 accessory the Alexa and she admitted it “felt amazing” when they got in touch with her last year to team up on a new venture.

She said: “It really did feel like an ex-husband calling.

“I’ve never been married, but them calling me up out of the blue and being, like, ‘We were pretty good together, right?’ felt amazing.”

The ‘Next in Fashion’ star didn’t design the original Alexa bag, so she was thrilled to fulfill a long-held dream when she was asked to be more hands-on this time round.

She told the Sunday Times Style magazine: “I knew exactly what they were and I drew them like a child. I had always, always wanted to design a bag. That was one of the jobs I thought I would be all right at back when I was still modelling.”

Alexa’s two new designs are called Big Guy and Little Guy.

She said of the monikers: “Sorry about the names. I kept calling them that because we didn’t have another name. And now, of course, there’s Amazon’s Alexa”

The brunette beauty was keen to design two sizes of bag because she always has “distinct needs” for different occasions.

She explained: “I have distinct needs for different moments. I always bring in bits and bobs for work, so I need something substantial.

“But I struggle with evening clutches because they’re inherently naff. So the quandary became how to resolve my own need for something to use at night-time that doesn’t look too petite and silly.

“Women look for so many different things in a bag. Mine are primarily a dumping ground for stuff when I’m flitting between my house and my boyfriend’s house. Dirty knickers. Marvis toothpaste. My local shop in east London only sells Colgate, but his local shop in west London sells Marvis of course. That just says it all, doesn’t it?”