Alexa Chung has an "idiot-proof" make-up routine.

The 37-year-old fashion designer achieves her minimal and "presentable" daily look in just 10 minutes.

Speaking to ELLE, she said: "My make-up routine takes 10 minutes. I start with a hydrating moisturiser, such as Augustinus Bader. Then I curl my lashes, put on concealer and Code8’s Radiate Beauty Balm – it’s idiot-proof. To extend that routine, I’ll do my brows and add mascara and eyeliner. If I’m in the design studio, I just try to look presentable."

Alexa also confessed that she has a habit of committing a skincare sin and popping her spots in the mirror instead of leaving them to clear up.

She admitted: "My worst beauty habit is popping my spots at the wrong moment. I get really beastly ones that are like volcanoes."

The 'Next in Fashion' co-host has found the perfect method to deal with the stress in her life by either soaking in a hot bath with lavender oil or sweating it out at the gym to clear her head.

She explained: "I deal with stress by running a bath with lavender oil and lighting my Byredo Altar candle, or cooking while listening to Classic FM. It makes me feel like a classy person living in Oxford. I lived in a state of perpetual stress for a number of years and now I’m out of it.

"In older age I’ve learnt that exercise is really good for your mental health for sure and not taking on too much, it’s ok to say no. I used to feel indebted to people to make plans but now if I’m tired from work I just cancel and most people are actually relieved, instead of bringing bad vibes to the pub."