Alexa Chung was "concerned about style" as a child.

The 37-year-old fashion designer knew she would have a career in fashion from a young age as she showed an early interest in clothing compared to other youngsters her age.

Speaking in an episode of 'Vogue Visionaries' , she said: "When I was a child I really liked clothes. I would say more than most children do. I was very concerned about style and outfits. I used to go to the hairdressers with my mum, I would read Vogue and be like, 'Woah, Wow!'"

Alexa's dad encouraged her to find a career in fashion illustration but she initially applied to study English and Art before being scouted by a modelling agency at the age of 16.

She explained: "My dad was quite keen on me being a fashion illustrator or at least would buy me books around that theme. Books about old costumes or that amazing book 'Fruits' about Tokyo street style."

The television presenter never lost her passion for clothes and launched her own fashion label in 2017.

She has since dubbed herself a "librarian" when it comes to clocking other people's fashion choices but tends to just throw on her own wardrobe.

Alexa added: "I've just always loved clothes. I don't find them boring, they could never bore me and I'm a real librarian about them and do a big stocktake of any new person that walks in. I'm interested to look at their outfit and how they put it together and what they're wearing. I'm a train spotter for clothes, even though in my vibe I've always been like, 'Oh no, I've just put it on.' "

Alexa believes her journey to starting her own company was "quite unique" as it was luck that she was scouted and went on to meet the leaders of the fashion industry.

She explained: "My experience and journey to starting my own company was quite unique as it came about in increments and a lot of lucky opportunities...I was offered a few collaboration deals. I really really enjoyed learning about denim, about pattern cutting and the process."