Alexa Chung feels ''better'' when she wears make up as it makes her feel like a ''real human'' in lockdown.

The model admits she has been quite ad-hoc with her beauty routine whilst being at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, but when she does put a little bit of mascara or concealer on, she does feel much better.

Asked if she's been keeping up a beauty regime in lockdown, she said: ''It depends. I definitely feel better on the days I do wear it because it's more that you're setting out your intention to be a real human that day. It's just the basics, so concealer, mascara and lip gloss, nothing crazy. Unless I'm filming for my YouTube series in my house when I'll definitely put a bit more on because it needs it. I think over Zoom it's quite hard to look nice without slapping it on, it's a really brutal format.''

And Alexa admits she doesn't have the ''patience'' for a lengthy and complicated beauty and skincare routine.

Asked how she would describe her approach to beauty, she explained to Marie Claire magazine: ''As much as I try, I don't have the patience to put on multiple things and really pay attention to how it's being slathered on. I'm very fortunate in that if I do have a big event then more often than not I'll ask for a makeup artist to do my makeup because I want it to look a certain way.

''But if I'm doing my own beauty I wear light foundation every day, blusher and I curl my lashes. And of course I have a kind of go-to cat's eye skill which thankfully I'm quite good at! I'm someone who picks eyes or lips, I don't really like a 'full face'. I think there's a bit of fatigue as well around that. It was fun to watch that explosion in the beauty realm of all of these amazing artists come about and show you how to completely re-craft your face based on makeup, but that's just not my beauty ideal. I always look to people like Lauren Hutton or Jane Birkin, all of my icons have a quite natural approach to beauty.''