Alexa Chung says Sir Mick Jagger is her "beauty icon".

The model has heaped praise on the Rolling Stones rocker for his bold eyeliner and "incredible rosy massive mouth".

She said: "A lot of my beauty icons are men like Mick Jagger in performance who wears eyeliner and always has that incredible rosy massive mouth, so although I might look like I'm trying to doll myself up like Isabella Rossellini, most of the time I'm trying to look like a dude. If you meet in the middle and take the essence of beauty, for example Mick Jagger in performance is playful, beautiful but also has a handsome quality, that's my approach to beauty - where I still want it to be fun and give things a go."

And Alexa loves to "balance" out her looks and if she wears an "outlandish" outfit, she goes for a simple make-up look.

She added: "I've prioritised clothes most of my life and if I'm wearing an outlandish outfit, I balance it out with a classic clean face to pull off a weird mix. Your are one or the other, it's about balance, for me I like the tension and juxtaposition."

In lockdown, Alexa sometimes puts a full face make-up in lockdown to "enhance" her mood.

She told The Sunday Telegraph's Stellar magazine: "I like the idea of glamour in the wrong places. There were days I didn't wear any make-up, and others where I would do full glamour. If I was making dinner I'd put on a gown and then spend the next five days in pajamas. Generally speaking, for mood enhancement, sometimes I'd make a massive effort to remember what I could look like if I wasn't turning into a house beast."