Alexander Skarsgard's 'Tarzan' will be a ''reverse'' of the story.

The 38-year-old actor plays the lead role in the new movie about the boy raised in the African jungles by great apes but he revealed that when audiences first meet Tarzan in the film, he will be integrated into society.

He told The Guardian newspaper: ''When you first meet Tarzan, he's buttoned up in a three piece suit in Victorian England. So it's reversed - instead of it being about taming the beast, it's about the beast within.

''There's the dichotomy of functioning in a civilised society where you politely wait at the post office for your turn, but also being an animal with everything that contains. I can relate to it. I think every human being can.''

Alexander's last attempt at a blockbuster did not go so well, with 2012's critical and commercial flop 'Battleship', but he insisted he doesn't regret it and is excited about 'Tarzan'.

He said: ''I'm only in 'Battleship' for 30 minutes. I get blown up pretty early on. I'm a fan of Pete Berg. I still think he's a fantastic director and I actually had a lot of fun. I know it was a disappointment at the box office but it didn't turn me off big movies.''