Alexander Wang has teamed up with Samsung to create the first ever crowd-sketched bag.

The fashion designer asked members of the public to come up with a cool new gym sack by drawing their own doodles on Samsung's Galaxy Note II smartphone for him to merge into one funky design for a lambskin bag, which will be sold for $550 and donated solely to Art Start charity.

Speaking to WWD, Wang said: ''The abstract print really captures the energy of New York City. This collaboration is a great example of how technology and style can come together in an unexpected but really meaningful way.''

Art Start is a New York-based charity that uses artists aged between five and 21 to create masterpieces in a bid to help less fortunate communities and encourage youngsters to embark on successful creative careers.

Wang explained: ''Art Start's mission of embracing creativity and art really inspires me and I'm so excited to support them with this project.''

Younghee Lee, executive vice president of global marketing at Samsung, added: ''This collaboration with Wang is so exciting because it really demonstrates how technology not only enables but empowers the creative process of fashion designers, artists, and creative individuals.''

The black and grey printed bag is Wang's second collaboration with Samsung after he created a limited-edition print that was used on a bag and mobile phone cover earlier this year.