Alexandra Burke will have a ''gospel, spiritual sound'' to her new album.

The 'Hallelujah' singer has been recording at her home studio in London and flying to the US to work on her third record, and is going back to the roots of modern music for inspiration.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I don't know how I got there, it seems like just yesterday that I won 'The X Factor', I want to show growth in me as a young woman, and I am at the point where I'm digging deep, deeper than I've ever dug before.

''Back to the people who made music, Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday, that gospel, spiritual sound really gets me. And that's where music comes from. Our generation and people who are younger than me, they don't really know where music started from, because some of them haven't been taught that.''

Alexandra, 24, has also been getting a helping hand from her mother, former Soul Ii Soul singer Melissa Bell, in the studio, who has been ensuring she keeps listening to the right source material.

She added: ''I just want to make sure I pay tribute to those who made music what it is today that a lot of people have forgotten about.

''My mother taught me everything I need to know and is still teaching me to this day. She looked at my phone the other day and she said, 'Why is Whitney Houston not on your phone? My mum is a genius and I'm not just saying that because she's my mum, but she's a really inspiring woman, who I take a lot from, and I don't like to tell her that often, because she'll just not talk, but she really, really does, and I take a lot from her.

''If I can be half the woman she is then I'm a happy girl.''

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