The Governor's Ball once again played host to the biggest names in filmmaking this year as Oscar winners, nominees and guests filled the glamorous after party with celebration. After an immense and monumental year in filmmaking, there was plenty to celebrate as winners clutched their shiny trophies and hob-nobbed with the press.

Ellen Degeneres
Ellen Degeneres Was The Talk Of The Evening After A Triumphant Hosting Stint.

The party room was decked out with floral curtains which gave an enchanting midnight garden effect and provided a beautiful backdrop for the many flowing ballgowns. Whilst waiting to get their statuettes engraved with their name, Oscar winners were treated to a bar, entertainment from singer John Legend and a gourmet meal cooked by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck served on tables decorated with miniature chocolate Oscars.

After the earlier pre-awards tension and nervousness, the stars were relaxed and elated as they partied, mingled and congratulated each other for another fine year in film. Two-time Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres was the talk of the town as celebrities gushed about her entertaining speeches and stunts, which included ringing a real takeaway for pizza delivery.

Gravity Team
The 'Gravity' Team Celebrated An Evening Of Dreams Coming True.

"So great," said Full House star John Stamos of the sunny talkshow personality's role. He added: "I love her getting Harrison Ford to eat pizza, and getting Brad Pitt to pay for the pizza. I think that's what America loves about her. It's time for the preciousness to get taken away from events like this."

The cast and production team of the evening's most-awarded movie, Gravity, were in particularly high spirits after their film collected seven shining awards. Steven Price, who won best original score for Gravity, said getting his Oscar engraved "was one of the most amazing things tonight."

Alfonso Cuaron
Alfonso Cuaron Chose To Share His Landmark Oscars Success With His Daughter.

"No one had any idea that the film would connect. We were never sure that a story about a 50-year-old woman in space with very little dialogue would be something that people would go see," Price said, via Reuters. The Gravity table was loaded with the booty from the evening's many wins and the team toasted one another with champagne.

Alfonso Cuarón, the film's esteemed, Oscar-winning Best Director, sidled on up to the engraving point with his daughter to share in the special moment. "It's hers!" Cuarón told USA Today as the engravers got to work on his daughter's new ornament. That'll make an interesting new addition to her dollhouse!