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Cooper Blasts Politician-supporting Stars

Rocker ALICE COOPER has blasted celebrities who publicly support politicians - for getting involved in subjects above their head. The star is sick of musicians and actors commenting on current affairs, and doesn't understand why...

Cooper's Golf Addiction

Rock legend ALICE COOPER has likened his addiction to alcohol and drugs to his favourite pastime - golf. Cooper, 59, believes the sport is a cure for any reformed addict and is more rock 'n'...

Cooper: 'Name Change Was The Best Decision I Ever Made'

ALICE COOPER has no regrets about changing his first name from the more masculine VINCE, insisting it was one of the best decisions he has ever made. The veteran rocker - born Vincent Furnier...

Cooper Refused Sex With Mae West

Rocker ALICE COOPER turned down the opportunity to bed late screen star MAE WEST - because he wasn't sure if the former sex symbol was truly feminine. Cooper - who starred alongside the veteran actress...

Cooper: 'I'm Scared Of Needles'

Hellraising rocker ALICE COOPER is not as tough as he seems - the SCHOOL'S OUT star is afraid of needles. The ageing star, real name VINCENT FURNIER, stage shows in the 1970s regularly featured live...

Rocker Cooper Predicts End Of World

Ageing hellraiser ALICE COOPER is convinced the end of the world is approaching, citing the recent string of horrendous natural disasters as evidence of an imminent apocalypse. The SCHOOL'S OUT rocker, whose father was...

Cooper Got Sober Visiting Bars

Veteran hellraiser ALICE COOPER refused to attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings when he quit drinking, instead preferring to sip soft drinks in bars. The SCHOOL'S OUT rocker decided the quickest route to everlasting sobriety...

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