Alicia Keys launched Keys Soulcare because "soul care" was missing.

The 'No One' hitmaker's skincare line comes with a positive affirmation meant to be spoken as you wash your face, as she noticed her skin is affected by "good energy".

And she has explained how her "offerings", including skincare, body care, and much more to come, are all about turning "inside and finding everything that you need in there".

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, she said: "The expansion and the ability to be able to express in all these different ways feels so good. And with Keys Soulcare, which is really about an idea of ritual and instilling ritual in our lives on a day-to-day basis. "So, we started with skincare.

"We just moved into body care, and there'll be many other offerings. I call them offerings because there's an offering to invite yourself to this idea of taking care of yourself, for men and women, by the way, so we forget, we run in, we out here, we trying, we grinding, we're hustling.

"We're trying to find where we're going. We're looking for a purpose. We're looking for ourselves, we're looking for our kindred spirits. We're looking, we're looking, we're looking. And we forget to turn inside and find everything that you need in there.

"So, Keys Soulcare is amazing. The response has been out of this world. People really are feeling the same way, and who would have known that, off of the heels of our world turning upside down and everything happening constantly kind of, I think feeling so hard for us to deal with, just trying to figure out where do we fit in, in the mayhem of the planet, this idea of soul care.

"We have nail care, we have haircare, we have skincare, but where's the soul care?"

The 40-year-old singer started prioritising her own self-care around the release of her 2016 album 'Here', when she ditched "things" from her life that were not healthy for her.

She said: "I realised that this conversation was so prevalent right around the 'Here' record, which is one of my favourite records ever.

"It was the beginning of me shedding a skin that was on me for a long time.

"And so, I started to physically actually shed, I shed in so many ways and I took off a lot of layers that was covering me up.

"And as I started to take off those layers, people would start to ask me, what are you doing? You're glowing. There's a vibe about you.

"And honestly, it was really just because I started to actually care about myself enough to pay attention, really, to my wholeness.

"And I would extract things from my world that were just not good for me.

"You know it's not good, but you make all the excuses about why. And they don't mean it.

"It's like, 'no, you're a piece of s*** You got to go.'

"And that's it. So, it's like, finally, when you value yourself enough to say, I deserve people that are good in my zone, you start to go.

"And so, when people were asking me, that's when I started to realise, man, there's a conversation here.

"And there's a conversation about how to choose yourself and not feel guilty about it. You can feel good about being good to yourself."

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