Pregnant singer Alicia Keys has added to her resume by becoming a children's book author.

Blue Moon from The Journals of Mama Mae & LeeLee, which recently went on sale, is inspired by the No One hitmaker's 2012 interactive app for cell phones and tablets to educate and entertain children and her desire to showcase her relationship with her grandmother.

She tells U.S. breakfast show Live! with Kelly and Michael, "I'm so proud of this book, we actually started this idea, myself and my partner Jessica Walton, we all wanted to create something for children that really showed the diversity of who we are as people and introduce children to more interesting and different sounding (things like), 'What do native instruments sound like, what do instruments from India sound like and what do songs sound like...?'

"It's really inspired by my life and my relationship with my grandmother... and really how that intergenerational relationship affects us... There's nothing like it..."