Alicia Keys keeps stressful encounters to a minimum for her skin.

The 40-year-old singer has found keeping toxic people at an arm's length has helped keep her skin under control as she would often suffer breakouts when "shady people" caused her stressed.

She said: "The best piece of skincare advice — honestly — that I’ve ever been given is to keep shady people away from you.

"I think that we know the people that are for us and not for us. The minute people start to show you that they’re not for you, just move out of that stratosphere. It changes everything: it changes your spirit, it changes your face and it changes your skin, because that energy affects us. Life taught me that and, to me, that’s the best skincare advice."

Since then, the 'No One' hitmaker has never been afraid to cut people off for the sake of her skin.

She told Refinery29: "Why do we spend so much time with people that bring us a bunch of negativity? We’re so excusing of it, but we excuse people bringing us what we don’t deserve. Only accept what you deserve."

Meanwhile, Alicia recently released her skincare line Keys Soulcare that comes with a positive affirmation meant to be spoken as you wash your face as she noticed her skin is affected by "good energy".

She explained: "For me, I've realised that the glow is about what's surrounding you, what energy you're holding and keeping, what people are around you.

"When my skin was not good, it's because the energy around me was not good. That's why Keys Soulcare is all about creating the good energy that we all need."

It comes after the chart-topper added three body care products to her line - including a Body + Hand Wash, Rich Nourishing Body Cream, and Sacred Body Oil - in hopes of changing the way people view their bodies.

She added: "I think so many of us feel a certain way about our body and even our experience in our body. So I love that with the Hand + Body Wash, for example, the mantra is 'I love myself as I am.' I mean, rub that on your body, think of that, and I feel like it changes everything for the day."