Alicia Keys promises to ''celebrate skin'' with her new beauty brand.

The 'If I Ain't Got You' hitmaker is launching her new beauty line, Keys Soulcare, and she is keen for the brand to give people a chance to not only ''explore themselves'' but also fill their spirit and share their light''.

Taking to the brand's Instagram account, she said: ''Wherever you are in your journey to greatness, welcome. I can't wait to create this community with you. From celebrating our skin to amplifying our voices, this is a space to explore ourselves, fill our spirit and share our light.''

Meanwhile, it was previously revealed that the 39-year-old singer/songwriter's new brand is ''not another celebrity beauty line''.

E.l.f's head of corporate communications, Melinda Fried, said: ''This is not another 'celebrity beauty line'. Because Alicia is more than an icon, she's an inspiration. In her song lyrics, numerous interviews and editorials, and in her (new book), she has openly and honestly shared her skin struggles, her frustration with society's unrealistic beauty ideals and her own journey to finding clarity, strength and a deeper knowledge of her real self. Now, through this new project, she aims to help others find that same place of peace and power within themselves.''

The new line will ''encompass multiple beauty categories and Alicia ''has been very involved in the creative process''.

E.l.f. chief executive officer, Tarang Amin, added: ''She's been wanting to do something in beauty and wellness for quite some time. What really appealed to us is she's much more than a celebrity, she's someone of real substance who goes between being a 15-time Grammy Award winner and artist [and] she's got a New York Times bestseller in her book, 'More Myself'.

''This was really a great marriage between what she stands for and wants to accomplish in beauty and wellness and what we stand for.''