Alicia Silverstone is taking things ''slow'' whilst in quarantine.

The 43-year-old actress is currently self-isolating at home with her eight-year-old son Bear amid the coronavirus pandemic, and has said she's enjoying having the ability to relax and spend time with her family.

She said: ''I'm so grateful that me and my family are healthy. But the sort of sweet part is you do get to slow down a little bit. This morning, Bear woke up and asked if we could make pancakes, and the answer was 'Actually, yes, we don't have to run to school so we can make pancakes!'

''Then we take care of the dogs, I get some work done and we have lunch and take the dogs on a walk again, maybe do some yoga or kids' exercise, then he helps me make dinner, and there's reading, and the day is gone!''

And although she might be loving the quiet life right now, the 'Clueless' star still doesn't have enough time in her day to do everything she wants to do.

She added: ''There's not enough time in the day for anything, I don't understand it! I have two more books in me I need to get out [the longtime vegan authored 'The Kind Diet' in 2009], and I love to share how I feed my son on Instagram in hopes it can help other moms feed their kids healthy and well. And then I write blogs for my website, the''

When she's not working, Alicia loves to cook with her son, and is keen to make sure he's eating ''healthy and clean'' meals.

Speaking to People magazine, she said: ''The fact that there isn't school and birthday parties, and that I'm not going out to dinner is making us a little more healthy and cleaner anyway. There's less that we have to balance out. But I'm really mindful that I want to keep our immune systems really strong so that we're able to be resilient and fend off any infections and take control of our health as best we can. I'm cooking things like miso soups, kenpira stew ... recipes that are really nourishing and healing.

''He's a little chef, my Bear. We love to cook together, but one day he turned around and just started cooking on his own. I couldn't believe it. He makes the most delicious meals!''