Actress Alicia Silverstone has faced the camera for the first time since her baby-mouth feeding video sparked controversy online.
Many mums were turned off by the short film of the Clueless star chewing her 11-month-old son's food and then spitting it into the baby boy's mouth - but she insists she doesn't regret going public with her premastication technique.
Appearing on news show Entertainment Tonight on Thursday (26Apr12), the actress says, "It's a part of the weaning process, so while I'm still breastfeeding, it's just a way to introduce him to food."
But Silverstone can understand why so many modern mums were shocked by the viral video: "It's new to them, but this has been going on for thousands of years and is still going on all over the place; it's natural."
And five per cent of women polled in a new TV survey agree with the star - because they've tried premastication.
The health-conscious, vegan actress adds, "I don't regret posting the video, but I didn't expect it to do what it did... I've had nothing but great feedback."