Alicia Silverstone has endorsed an environmentally-friendly vibrator.

The 'Clueless' actress - who is well known for her vegan diet and eco-friendly lifestyle - has recommended people purchase the Leaf Vibrator sex toy, which is inspired by the outdoors.

Writing on website, on which people can recommend products to one another, she said: ''These vibrators from Leaf come in a bunch of different shapes, all inspired by nature. I like that... (sic)''

On her official profile on the site, Alicia - who describes herself as a ''naughty vegan'' - says she hopes her views on products ranging from house ware to party gifts will be useful to others.

She writes: ''I'll be sharing tons of info about amazing eco-friendly beauty products, cooking stuff, pet care, party planning, and ways to make your house healthy and green, all while keeping your style groovy and beautiful. I'm looking forward to telling you all about my favorite finds! (sic)''

Earlier this year, Alicia unveiled a line of eco-friendly makeup and skincare products.

Commenting on the range, she said: ''This is who I am. This is not just something I'm slapping my name on. I would never align myself with something that I don't 100 percent believe in. I think people count on me for that, and I take pride in that.''