Alicia Silverstone thinks 'Batman & Robin' would be much better if it was made now.

The 43-year-old actress played Barbara Wilson/Batgirl in the 1997 movie, which proved to be a disaster with both critics and audiences, but Alicia feels that the quality would be superior if she got to reshoot it now.

When asked by Collider for any fond memories of the project, Alicia said: ''I like it when I got do the fighting scenes with Uma Thurman (who played Poison Ivy). That's fun.

''But I'd like to do it all again as this woman! I think it would be much better now.''

Alicia also revealed that she enjoyed working with Michael Gough, who played Alfred Pennyworth, describing the late actor as ''lovely''.

She said: ''I mean, I loved all my scenes with Michael Gough. Michael Gough is a dream and I just love that man so much. So, you know, just being with him was incredible and lovely.''

The 'Clueless' star previously stated that she would be a ''much better'' Batgirl if the movie was ever remade, as she feels her acting has improved with age. She was just 21 when starring in the film, which featured George Clooney as the Caped Crusader and was directed by Joel Schumacher.

Speaking in 2017, Alicia remarked: ''I feel like I could do a much better Batgirl now than I did then. It would be fun to tackle it again, because I'm older and my acting is better. I know I would bring so much more to it.

''I was just a baby. It was a different thing. But I had fun back then, and I think it would be fun to do it again.''