Alison Brie enjoyed ''48 hours of drugs, sex and a lot of making out'' with Dave Franco when they first got together.

The 'Glow' actress met the 35-year-old actor in 2011 and the pair hooked up thanks to some ''incredible matchmaking'' orchestrated by her friend.

Speaking to talk show host Jimmy Fallon, she said: ''It starts off in New Orleans at Mardi Gras, where all great love stories begin.

''I was there with some friends. It was some incredible matchmaking done by my friend Jules after we ran into Dave at the airport.

''The two of them are friends and she had invited him out to dinner with us there. He was sitting next to her across the table and... my friend texts me under the table and was like, 'You should hook up with Dave'... and I responded with, 'Yes, please' with a lot of thumbs up emojis. A very enthusiastic response.

''He was like, 'I'm in!... It was 48 hours of drugs, sex, a lot of making out.''

At the time, Dave was making a movie in New York City and invited Alison to join him for ''wining and dining'' before urging her to fly to Europe with him while he carried on working.

She recalled: ''He left a secret note in my sweatshirt on our last day of our trip which read, 'Come with me to Paris.' ''

The couple - who got married in March 2017 - have just worked together for the first time on 'The Rental', which is also Dave's directorial debut and he recently admitted he couldn't have made the film without his wife.

He said: ''We've acted together, and so we knew that we would get along well on a set, but we've obviously never worked together in this capacity.

''But what I will say is that I've always known that she's an amazing actress.''