Alison Brie feels better about her body when she doesn't diet.

The 37-year-old actress admits restricting what she can eat has a detrimental effect of her mental and physical health as she tends to get bad sugar cravings and then make unhealthy choices.

She told Women's Health magazine: ''I used to feel more out of control with it. Being more diligent has been helpful for me mentally.''

Alison also shared her meal plan as she prepares to play a wrestler in the new season of her Netflix show, 'GLOW'.

She has oatmeal with protein powder for breakfast, followed by a chocolate and sea salt Après vegan protein shake, which she takes after she has done her morning exercise. For lunch, it is usually a tuna salad with spinach and whatever other vegetables are in the fridge, followed by a ground turkey stir fry, with strict limits to the timings for intaking carbohydrates.

When she is not working towards an acting role, Alison likes to be vegetarian or vegan, and rid herself of her meat input.

Meanwhile, Alison previously admitted she is ''addicted to strength''.

She said: ''Weights that I can't physically put on the thing [bar], I can lift with my legs and butt. I can do pull-ups! I was always into exercising to be skinny, which can become a very unhealthy compulsion. Training for 'Glow' I got addicted to strength. Learning how to wrestle you have to protect your partner and yourself, so I stopped thinking about how I looked and focused on how my body worked ... I do think when I was younger there was so much pressure to be the 'hot young thing' - that was how you were going to get a job. I don't feel that way any more.''