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Alison Goldfrapp Raising Funds For Who With It's A Strange Day Campaign

Alison Goldfrapp has launched the 'It's A Strange Day' campaign to raise money for the World Health Organization's Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund.The Goldfrapp singer designed a range of merchandise - which includes a tote bag,...

Alison Goldfrapp Wants To Inspire 'Emotional Journeys'

Alison Goldfrapp wants to take her fans on an ''emotional journey''.The Goldfrapp singer has produced a short film inspired by her latest album 'Tales of Us' and says working on music and film both come...

Goldfrapp To Influence Dark Knight Rises Score?

'The Dark Knight Rises' will have a Goldfrapp-inspired scoreHans Zimmer - who is creating the sound for the forthcoming Christopher Nolan-directed Batman movie - confirms he has already begun work on the film and has...

Goldfrapp Starting New Album

Goldfrapp are starting work on their sixth album.Musician Will Gregory finds getting back together with bandmate Alison Goldfrapp "refreshing" following his recent work on opera 'Piccard in Space'.He told Radio station BBC6 Music: "I am...

Alison Goldfrapp Struck Dumb By Madonna

Alison Goldfrapp was so starstruck she "couldn't get off the chair" or speak when she met Madonna. The 'Rocket' singer admitted she finds it hard to meet other famous people - which can lead to...

Goldfrapp Not Macho Enough For Bond

Goldfrapp were dropped from recording a James Bond theme because they weren't macho enough.The 'Rocket' hitmakers - made up of singer Alison Goldfrapp and producer Will Gregory - said they were hoping to record the...

Alison Goldfrapp's 'Swinging' Sexuality

Alison Goldfrapp doesn't like to be defined by her sexuality.The 'Ooh La La' hitmaker - who is currently in a same-sex relationship with film editor Lisa Gunning - has previously dated men, but insists whoever...

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