Alison Goldfrapp wants to take her fans on an ''emotional journey''.

The Goldfrapp singer has produced a short film inspired by her latest album 'Tales of Us' and says working on music and film both come from a desire to ''create narrative and atmosphere''.

She said: ''For me personally, they both come from a similar desire to create narrative and atmosphere, and to take the listener/viewer on an emotional journey.

''I have always been a huge fan of film and it's often had an influence on the music we've written, particularly for the latest Goldfrapp album 'Tales Of Us'.''

Alison says the record was influenced by several novels she was reading during the writing process, as well as the movies she was watching.

She said: ''The inspiration came from reading lots of noir-style novels, from authors like Patricia Highsmith and Dorothy B Parker. Also, the novel 'Annabel' by Kathleen Winter.

''I love to watch film too so visually and musically both these mediums had a huge influence on this particular album. I was interested in the central characters in these books and films. This inspired naming each track on the album by the person's first name.''

Alison will be at the BFI in London tonight (13.02.14) as part of the BFI Screen Epiphany, where she will introduce and premiere her new short film inspired by 'Tales of Us'.The BFI Screen Epiphanies in partnership with American Express showcase inspirational films hosted by a prominent figure from the arts and culture community.

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