Bluegrass-country star Alison Krauss refuses to display her 26 Grammy Awards at home because she insists on keeping work separate from her personal life.
The singer has amassed a record haul of Grammys during her illustrious career, with honours for her solo work, her recordings with Union Station, as well as her duets with Led Zeppelin rocker Robert Plant.
Her tally is more than any other female artist, and she is the third biggest Grammy winner of all time.
But visitors to her home won't be dazzled by glistening gold - her haul of the iconic gramophone-shaped trophies is safely stashed away.
She tells Britain's Live magazine, "Any award I win is packed away immediately. I don't keep anything on display in my house. Home is home and about family so I've put them all away. I like to keep a few work-related pictures on my refrigerator and I love seeing other people's awards when I go to their houses to visit, but I like to keep my own home life separate."