'American Horror Story' is without a doubt one of the modern day juggernauts of television, with Ryan Murphy and a stellar cast and crew bringing the anthology series back for six seasons to-date, with a seventh right around the corner. Telling a different story with each outing, but bringing back actors that have played an array of differing characters in the past, the series allows for a fresh and inventive revival each time round without having to confuse its viewers. By the time a single season is over, the story being told there has for the most part been wrapped up.

We could see Alison Pill in 'American Horror Story' very soonWe could see Alison Pill in 'American Horror Story' very soon

Some of those returning actors we have been led to believe will include series veterans Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson. That doesn't mean the show is closed off to newcomers however; in fact, Colton Haynes and Billie Lourd are among the new faces making their 'AHS' debut.

Another new name has now been linked to the show, with Alison Pill reportedly signing up to take on an undisclosed role.

The news came out a little earlier this week, with the actress spotted on the set of the show while it filmed, according to a tweet on an 'American Horror Story' fansite's Twitter account. Check it out below:

The Canadian actress has become quite the household name following her roles in HBO drama 'The Newsroom' and critically-acclaimed films such as 'Milk' and 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World'.

Whilst there's no telling what kind of role she'll exactly take on in 'AHS', it's fair to say that her outfit in the pictures taken from the set so far are rather reserved. She's not, by any accounts playing a monster - at least not the type of monster we've seen in the past in 'AHS'!

It's going to be very interesting to see exactly how she slots into the show moving forward, and whether her time in season 7 will be one that leads to more 'AHS' roles for her down the road.

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'American Horror Story' season 7 is expected to debut later this year. Stick with Contact Music for all the latest news as we get it.