All Saints aren't sure if fans want them to produce new music.

The 'Pure Shores' hitmakers, who recently reformed and supported the Backstreets Boys on tour, were rumoured to be recording new material but band member Melanie Blatt doesn't know if it's what fans want.

Asked if she thinks people want the band to release a new album, she told BANG Showbiz: ''I have no idea.

''We haven't really discussed new music at all yet, it's all hearsay. We're just really enjoying our time at the moment. We'd never sang all of those old songs in one concert, obviously it was a nostalgic thing.

''The reason why it worked so well was because it wasn't our idea and it turned out to be good.''

Melanie, who took to the decks at the Future Factory launch party with Malibu Rum in east London last night (08.04.15), was still gushing about her time on tour with band mates Shaznay Lewis and sisters Nicole and Natalie Appleton.

She said: ''It was amazing, it was so much fun, it was unexpected how it happened.

''I was sh**ing myself, obviously, [before I got on stage]. I hadn't danced for years but it was fine, I forgot how natural it [performing] was and that it's actually my real job.''

Melanie attended the Future Factory event, a new pop up shopping experience, with the likes of actress Jaime Winstone and fashion designer Pam Hogg.