Aloe Blacc will ''train'' his daughter not be influenced by R-rated videos.

'The Man' hitmaker had his first child, daughter Mandela, with his wife Maya Jupiter last year and he claims that he'll have no problem with her watching sexualised music videos when she's older because he'll ''train'' her to not be influenced by them.

Quizzed on whether he'd let his daughter watch R-rated material, he exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''Actually, I probably would because I know what kind of training she will have and how she will be able to receive it.

''I have some wonderful friends and they have the kind of children that when they see these images they have insightful open conversation with their parents and say, 'Mom, dad can you believe what they're forcing us to listen to?'

''It's really interesting and with the right parenting you can allow your kids to engage in any kind of media.''

The 35-year-old musician began his career as an underground hip-hop artist but moved on to other genres because he wanted to provide young audiences with different kinds of messages.

He said: ''Knowing that music is a huge part of a teenager's self-identity and developing that identity makes me want to balance the marketplace with music that gives them alternative ideas about how they can conduct themselves or think about themselves.

Aloe also recognises that the more successful his music, the more people will hear positive messages.

He explained: ''The more I can do to give people songs of hope, inspiration and motivation the better, and the bigger those songs are the better because they're directly competing with those messages that ultimately lead to internal conflict.''