When 20.04.2013

DJing at the Bacardi Coachella after party at The Soho House are DJ Whitney Fierce, Foals, Alt-J and Twin Shadow who talk about the festival's atmosphere and what it means for musicians both new and well-established. We see the party's VIP guests arriving in 50s style convertibles in the background.

Whitney Fierce asserts that, 'You have to be big to play Coachella know matter what, even if you're a big tiny band', while Jack Bevan of Foals comments about the 'buzz' of the environment. 'It feels like everyone's out for Coachella', he says. Gus Unger-Hamilton of Alt-J explains that it's not just about the headline acts at this festival: 'People are there to watch the bands they know but also to discover new bands.'


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