Review of You Know You Like It EP by AlunaGeorge

The musical fusion of Aluna Francis and George Reid is a dangerous. The duo has such a flair for their chosen avenues. Aluna's sweet but subtly feisty vocal and George's slick production combine together to make something dynamically hot.

AlunaGeorge You Know You Like It EP

They had been dabbling in music in other bands and projects, before they were united. Aluna boasts the quality of a front woman from her role in 'synth-pop' band 'My Toys Like Me.' Though, her shy and insecure voice seen in their earlier stuff is a long way from the poised character she assigns to AlunaGeorge. Her pitchy vocal is one of the aspects that make AG sound distinctive.

George may have been a guitarist in 'math-pop' act, 'Colour' but he seems at home here with his place in production. His ear for an explosive beat aligns him with all the favourite J's of the field: Jamie XX, Jamie Woon and the disjointed patchworks of James Blake. Their clear love of 'pop' has given them the inspiration to make their own admirable take on the commercial genre.

Well-known track, 'You Know You Like It' was a clever first single. From the first time you hear it, its repetitive nature and bouncing synths will leave it swirling around your head. The unintentional ploy for getting their name across will divide likes and dislikes. You'll either think it's the most sleek and amazing slice of shoulder shrugging electro-pop. Or you'll find it the most irritating and monotonous thing and refuse to listen anymore, to eliminate the risk of it driving you insane. The line 'life can be cruel if you're a dreamer' offers up a message of creativity and persistence installed in the pair.

A gong initiates 'Just A Touch' followed by the sharp trickle of the keys, creating an enticing intro. Aluna's cutesy vocal chimes, 'I want you to be yourself, I love it when I see you having fun.' The chorus is pop-driven and sway worthy, but little softer than 'YKYLI.' 'Put Up Your Hands presents a more alternative AlunaGeorge. Spacey beats and warbles create a puzzled pattern to both compliment and contrast with Aluna's fresh vocal. Her voice is given some of the George treatment too with some deep effects. 'Why don't you save yourself from all this trouble and, just put up your hands' provides a memorable refrain, but not as well as the other two tracks.

It's quite scary but incredibly exciting to think about what these two are capable of when this is only a three track EP. With an album expected on the not too distant horizon, let's pray that AlunaGeorge won't be left hovering under that vicious umbrella with other artists that have peaked too soon.

Hayley Fox

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