Alyson Hannigan says it's important to still style hair once you become a mother.

The 'How I Met Your Mother' star - who has a two-year-old daughter, Satyana, with husband Alexis Denisof - admits she no longer has time to pamper herself but always tried to make her tresses look good, because it can hide a multitude of sins.

She said: "If you only have time for make-up or hair, definitely choose The Hair because you can always put on a pair of sunglasses and push the hair into your face and you'll look very chic. My vanity time has gone out the window since I became a mom, so that's a great time-saving trick."

The 'American Pie' actress also says she tries not to feel guilty about being a working mother and just enjoy the time she gets to spend with her daughter.

She revealed to "You have to look at the overall picture. When I'm sitting at work, I feel guilty that I'm not taking care of my daughter. But the fact that I'm working in the morning means that she and I will have the afternoon together. So, you just have to look at the overall picture rather than the day-to-day."