Alyssa Milano says divorce is ''not an option''.

The 'Charmed' actress has insisted her and husband David Bugliari - who she tied the knot with six years ago - have to ''work'' on their relationship but she believes it's all worth it.

She said: ''[Marriage is] work, and there's no one I'd rather put in the work with.

''The most important thing is to laugh. If you can laugh with someone, you can get through anything.''

And the 42-year-old beauty has made a conscious decision to terminate her role in 'Mistresses' so she can spend more time with her husband and their two children Milo and Elizabella.

She explained: ''It's hard enough to have a successful marriage in this industry.

''I'm not going to take my kids away from my husband for four months and move to Vancouver.''

Alyssa also credits acting for helping her try different ventures including, most recently, teaming up with Viva to design paper towels.

She told Entertainment Tonight: ''The beauty of acting is it's enabled me to do all of these other things, which I also find super, super fulfilling in a different way.

''Who knows how I'm going to feel once [my kids are] in high school, and I feel like their little beings have been moulded into what they're going to be and they can look at me and say, 'We're going to be OK.'

''But for right now I have this window of opportunity to not only enjoy them, but also to make sure that I'm being a good parent and be a present parent. So, I'm going to do that.''