Running for eight seasons between 1998 and 2006, 'Charmed' was one of the most successful shows of its time, and did a fantastic job in bringing Holly Marie Combs, Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano and later, Rose McGowan to the small screen, making them all household names with the supernatural series.

If 'Charmed' eventually returns, it'll likely be without the original castIf 'Charmed' eventually returns, it'll likely be without the original cast

Earlier this year, it was revealed that The CW would be bringing the series back as a prequel set in 1976, with an all-new cast jumping on board in the hopes of impressing all of the fans who have stayed loyal to the franchise.

Though those fans are likely behind bringing the original cast back to the series if it ever does make a return, original star Milano doesn't think that this is something that will happen. In fact, if recent comments made by the actress are anything to go by, the prequel may not be getting off the ground any time soon.

Speaking to the Daily Beast, Milano explained: "I’ll tell you everything I know: the last few years, CBS Studios—not the network, the studio—has been trying to reboot 'Charmed' without any of the old cast members. They just want to use the franchise because we have the best fans ever, they were up in arms over this and said you can’t do 'Charmed' without the original cast members. I think CBS Studios understands the importance of getting it right, so they came up with the idea last year that they were going to do a prequel to our story but the script didn’t come in the way they wanted, and so it went back into redevelopment."

Though her words do not come off as bitter, it must sting to be somebody who helped make the original show such a success and then to be tossed aside so that a prequel series can be brought to life without your help. In fact, the new show sounds like it could be a different entity entirely, with Milano's words and emphasis on the studio hoping to "use the franchise" simply for the fans.

If this is the case, you can rest assured that the loyal fan base who have stood by the ladies of 'Charmed' for so long won't stand by and let the studio get away with it. Expect the drama surrounding this one only to grow if progress ever moves forward.

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