Amal Clooney ''takes great care'' of George Clooney.

Ellen Barkin, who starred alongside the actor in 'Ocean's Thirteen', has revealed the human rights lawyer - who George wed in Venice, Italy in September last year - looks after her husband well and has admitted she ''always felt'' he would settle down again, following his previous divorce from Talia Balsam.

She said: ''She takes great care of him and all his friends...

''I always felt he would (settle down again). I felt he was just waiting till he felt like he wanted to.''

The 60-year-old star also opened up about the couple's exclusive nuptials and confirmed it was an alcohol-fuelled affair.

She shared: ''I can only speak for myself, and that would be a big yes.''

When asked about the food, she added: ''I didn't eat. I was too busy drinking...

''You know what, I'm not lying, I have no f***ing idea (what food was served)! I have no idea. I didn't eat a thing all weekend.''

When questioned about any drunken ''hookups'' at the reception during an episode of 'Watch What Happens Live', she coyly told the show's hosts Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper: ''What do you mean by 'hookup'?''

And when asked by Anderson if anyone ''fooled around'', she simply answered: ''Possibly!''