George and Amal Clooney are reportedly building a lavish playhouse for their children, worth £90,000.

The 58-year-old actor and his 42-year-old lawyer wife are said to be planning to create a two-story dream playhouse for their two-year-old twins Alexander and Ella and it will be a mini version of the family home.

A source told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: ''It is extravagant but George and Amal want the best.

''They are also adamant the kids are appreciative and don't take anything for granted.''

According to the publication, the playhouse will have zip wire, a dance-floor, a kitchen with running water and a life-sized toy giraffe.

The playhouse will be created by Michael S Smith -- who worked on redesigning Barack Obama's White House office in 2010.

Meanwhile, last year, the twins' doting grandmother, Baria Alamuddin said Ella is already showing signs of a forceful personality.

She gushed: ''She's only two years old and already the most powerful girl in the whole family.

''She's just determined and knows what she wants and I couldn't be more pleased about that.''

George also hailed his children as ''really funny and really smart''.

The actor revealed that they are going to learn to speak Italian, as they already spend a lot of time in the country as a family.

Speaking about his ambitions for his young children, the acclaimed actor said: ''They're really funny and really smart.

''We've decided, because we spend a lot of time in Italy and they're going to spend a lot of time growing up there, that Italian is going to be one of the languages they learn.

''Already they're saying their ABCs in Italian and in English.''